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NOTICE TO AMERICANS :  Commercial importers to USA only.     Exports and Imports of munitions, parts, components thereof are all controlled by Section 121.1 of the ITAR Laws,  (International Trafficking in Arms Regulations), so don't ask, even for used casings, they are still controlled, goods both for export from USA and for shipments to USA.  Permits are required by both Government for this, and its to much work at this time to do US exports.   All our capacity is used by our Canadian Customers, and we thank them for their support.  Permits and penalties are huge cost, so we are not exporting. 

<>Notice,  BULLETS/COMPONENTS:  We've started production of FMJ bullets here in Alberta due to ongoing short supply from USA.  We expect to start loading our own FMJ bullets, and extra production will be for sale through stores noted bellow.  We are starting work on 9mm 124 JSP bullet (IPSC Action Pistol Bullet), and expect to have them ready for resale by mid summer.  THESE are true Jacketed bullets,  .016 " thick 260 Alloy, not a plated bullet.  We are using very modern equipment for these bullets, and after these are running and we have increased floor space, we will set up our other machines, and produce .40 180 FMJ bullets, and 9mm 147 FMJ bullets. We've endured great capital expense to make this investment into NEW MANUFACTURE, over importing, as we see this the way to go to ensure availability to Canadian Shooting Sports and Law Enforcement Training Ammunition.
We have a full time machinist on staff to assist with completing these projects, as my time has been consumed in maintaining ammunition production, and quality control.  We've been working on these projects quietly for several years and now ready to break into the market with new product.  Don't email us yet on this, as it will be announced once stores have stock available to them.  We appreciate your support, and apologize for any delays and shortages of bullet components due to the lack of exports from USA.  US Politics got in the way again!!!!  The Text is the color of our new Jacket material.

AMMUNITION  manufactured by Canadian BDX Inc. (Combat Masters brand) are  Federally Approved Munitions.  We've added packaging information to assist customers on what may best suit their needs, from shipping, to stores, to ranges and police/institutional needs.  Lead and copper remain very high, and supply of bullets and components are becoming very limited in some caliber's, thus pricing increases,  have to do it, to keep the lights on.  The Big three manufactures just announced big increases for June, as well as up to 8 month shipping delays to supply.    The US have cut back on allowable exports as they are having shortages as well, so the whole market is being squeezed by commodity and trade forces, as well as political instability around the world.  Cost of shooting is going up, as is almost everything else that's enjoyable.  We are increasing our manufacturing ability to help rectify this situation locally, as well has have more control over our costs.  You're continued support is appreciated, and will help ensure we're here in the future, a homeland industry.

MINIMUM 4 case order for pickup sales, 2 cases for UPS shipments.  We urge you to try the noted dealers bellow first as they get priority on stock, and often receive regular shipments.    Email for appointment if pre-arranged. We don't have a commercial store front for customers to walk in and visit,  Retail stores have staff on for these type of sales.  Emailing us is best way to contact/arrange appointment for pickup:,
mail@canadianbdx.com          Due to staff shortages, we can't always get your phone call, so email or try back,  We're working to rectify this problem.  See bellow for ordering instructions.

We buy your used brass, (if in good condition: tarnish, mud, dirt, damaged, berdan primed, effect price)  If you bring brass, we will apply credit to your purchase, or buy it per pound if mixed, or if it is sorted, at prices bellow.

<>All ammo is gauge checked to ensure proper feeding, and reliability, part of our Quality Control procedures.
Our procedures requires each cartridge to pass through no less than 7 commercial machines before it's finally inspected and packaged.  Each calibre has it own set of dedicated machines, thus a significant capital expense, but ensures a quality product with consistent repeatability to spec.   Soon we will be licensed as (FACTORY re-manufactured and New Manufacture Ammunition)
Acronyms are:
OEM  = Original Equipment Manufacture
FMJ  =  Full Metal Jacket  (jacket is around front and sides, but not base
CMJ  =  Complete Metal Jacket (Same as FMJ, but base of bullet is covered with extra Jacket Material, not plated)
TMJ  =   Total Metal Jacket  (Speer Trademarked, and they have mastered the process, with extra heavy plating, High tonnage restamped,  tempered for hardening of jacket material, a superior product to anything else out there!!!!!, most Law Enforcement call for it by Spec, and we use them Exclusively for our leadfree ammo, (not always available)
JSP  =   Jacketed Soft Point,  jacket covers base, sides and part of nose, exposed lead at nose,
AP    =    Action Pistol, (same as JSP bullet, but has Truncated nose)
JHP  =   Jacketed Hollow Point,  (similar to JSP as noted above, but has hollow cavity in nose for expansion
HBWC =  Swaged lead match bullet, alloy metal, no jacket,  PPC,  ISU, and Bullseye type shooting
SWC   =   Semi-Wad Cutter,   Hard Swaged alloy bullet, with a SWC nose design
RN and RNFP  =  Used mainly for Cowboy Action, hard Match swaged lead alloy bullets for revolvers and tubular rifle magazines.
100//100//50 (100//100//100) This is our bulk packaging 100 lots //= double heat seam,  allows for cut of poly packs in 100 lots.
LL           =  Low Lead,  We use a Leadfree Primer (OEM) and an Encapsulated Bullet,  (bullet core has lead)
Knurled  =  FMJ bullet with a knurl groove for Cannalure crimping for Revolvers to hold bullet tight.

M = 1000 parts in the Manufacturing Industry  not 'K'
C = 500 parts in the Manufacturing industry,  also used in components in the Munition business'
CM Ammo, 124 FMJ BDX BulletDummies in BlueDUMMY Rounds on Right:

Test group shot by Kurt, at ORPC, Okotoks, AB,  Witnessed Will Bussy, using Combat Masters 9mm 124 FMJ (truncated nose)  BDX Bullet and our new loads,  very nice results.  (low shot was first hit on paper witness advised me)  Ammo also crono'ed at 1098 PFS in 4.5" barrel, with MAX deviation of 29 PFS Bullets very consistent in weight and dia., thus FPS is close.   IPSC power factor of 136, ideal for IPSC Production class, IDPA, and PPC- Duty Pistol tournament ammo, as well as L.E. training.  This wasn't a ransom rest, but was shot by me at 10 meters, a machine rest would be tighter, but is out on loan at time of testing.

MINIMUM 2 cases for UPS delivery, or 4 cases for pickup orders by Appointment.

   Dealer pricing, must have BFL number
         Your brass exchange
 4 Case Pricing    January 2013 
.40 cal. 180 FMJ Ammunition
 Gold line
Case lots of 1000  store retail packs of 250. 
 Major available

Credit of  $15.00/M
.40 cal. 180 E/TMJ   LE Lite
Bronze line
, Reduced Airborne emissions,  Indoor Ammo.  .40 LITE loads, or (Major by order)  10% less felt recoil.

Call for pricing, must have Retail License for Ammunition sales
(Also available in Law Enforcement load (.40 lite LE) for indoor ranges and police)

Credit  of $15.00/M
.40 180 E/TMJ BDX Ammo
.40-180 TMJ - LF Sintox priming
Available in Lite or full load, with NATO approved SINTOX priming (very expensive from Germany)
Indoor range/Police Training cartridge LEAD FREE PRIMING, TOTAL Encapsulated Jacket bullet

Credit of $15.00/M
100% reliable NT priming, special process

Packaging for stores are in 250 mini packs (100//100//50), 500 1000,  or 2,000 HD cardboard case.   Shipping cases by Courier must be 1000 lots, for best value, or by freight truck, which we have 40-50% off regular rates for compact heavy freight.

.9mm 124 FMJ
DUMMIES in Blue, for Police Stopage Drills/Training
Core Compressed/filled casing, will not push in, Hardened exterior, not paint.
Premium product

.40 180 FMJ
DUMMIES in Blue for Police stopage drills/training
Core compressed/filled casing, will not push in, Hardened exterior, not paint
Premium product
$1.25 ea, box of 50

Available at Calgary Shooting Centre

see JPG above


 4 case pricing

9mm Luger 124 FMJ Ammunition
124  FMJ (Full Metal Jacket),  (BDX- OEM) bullet ,  Nickel Casing, very nice,
(IPSC power factor 137)
We run this ammo every couple of weeks so most readily on hand of all our Ammunition.
Credit of $15.00/M
1,200 round/case ($264.00/case)
BDX Gold Line
9mm Luger, 124 E/TMJ
(Bronze Line)
124 grain E/TMJ/Encapsulated Bullet, .  Indoor Training Ammo

Ammunition Dealers, and Police agencies, call for special pricing arrangements.  .

Credit of 15.00/M for used brass

9mm Luger, 124 E/TMJ  -  LF
Non-Tox priming, Encapsulated Metal Jacket Bullet,  NATO approved 100% reliable priming, German Engineering,
Indoor range,   training ammo, where clean air is desired.  ONly NATO approved NT primer on the market, but not cheep.
Credit of $15.00/M for good used brass
1,200 case $274.80

9mm Luger, 147 CMJ Ammunition
147 TMJ Bullet,  We only use SPEER bullet for this cartridge, as rest don't measure up and ours are not ready yet.  (IPSC PF 135) standard OEM primer, very reliable.
Dealer pricing available  Very accurate for PPC/Duty Pistol or Distinguished.  IPSC Production load, for more comfortable recoil.  All ammo gauge checked to ensure proper feeding.

Credit of $15.00/M
$229.00/M, case is 1200 rounds/case,

9mm ammo available for store in 300 mini-packs (100//100//100), or 600 mini-case lots, 1,200 & 2,400 bulk case  for pickup or freight truck delivery.   ,or truck in 2,400 HD Case lots.  

4 Case Pricing

.45 ACP 230  FMJ Ammunition
230 FMJ Bullet, (Speer OEM or our FMJ Gold Leaf bullet) good value over factory ammunition packed in 200 and 400 Retail packs for stores, and 1400 bulk cases for pickup/freight.
Major Power factor of 182, excellent ball ammo.  Due to shortages in the market, we had to raise prices, as so did everyone else.  Factory new is now $700.00+/case.

Credit of $55.00/M .
  800 bulk cases,

.45 ACP 230 grain E/TMJ  Ammunition
E/TMJ bullet,
For the indoor shooting season.  .  Very clean, premium ammunition.

Credit of $55.00/M
$ 350.00/1000

or $280.00/case 800 rounds

.45 230 grain E/TMJ LF ammunition
German SINTOX priming, the best,  100% reliable, only NATO milspec approved NT primer availalbe and we have htem,  Large or small primer Encapsulated Metal Jacket bullet
Production is usually large primer, but local range gets the Small primer in SINTOX priming, Expensive upgrade but worth it for those who want clean air when shooting indoors.

Credit of $55.00/M

or $ 296.00/case of 800

.44 Mag
240 JSP Magnum ammunition
awaiting approval from Ottawa
Available Winter, 2011-12
Credit $50.00/M
N/A at this time.

.45 ammo available in 200 mini-packs 100//100 (Stores), 400 small case lots, 800 bulk case lots,  or 1,400 case lots for pickup in 100 lots..  . 

The following Stores carry stock on our ammunition for retail sales;  If link doesn't work, cut and paste!!!

-      Calgary Shooting Centre, Bay 4, 7130 Fischer Road, SE, (Behind Campers Village)
        info@theshootingcentre.com  403-451-1777, (Factory outlet for Canadian BDX Products)

-       Gagnon Sports,  Oshawa, ON       Adam@Gagnonsports.com 

-       MilArm  Co. Ltd.,  10769 - 99 Street, Edmonton, AB 780-424-5281
-        Rouge River Arms,  Aurora, ON,  Maya Miller <maya@rougeriverarms.com>
-       W.C. Ammo Sales,  Vauxhall, AB  (IPSC)    walter.hornby@gmail.com    components and ammo
-       Wood Joynt, Brandon, MB for components
-        Anything Metal,  Prince George, B.C., www.anythingmetal.com
-       New Brunswick Ammo Sales,  Maurice (Mo)  email contact    nb-ammo@rogers.com
-       Brass'n'Bulletrs,  Peter Farquharson,  Saskatoon, SK,  
-      Valley Firearms,  Trail  B.C.,   valleyfirearms@hotmail.com
-       The Firing Line, (VIP Firearms),  Winnipeg,  MB,  Sheldon sheldon stoller <sstoller@shaw.ca> Bullets and Ammo,

           (we thank these stores for maintianing stock of our products on a regular basis)

/1000 price

Swaged Match 148 HBWC
Alloy Diamond cote or Molycote

HBWC lubed
.358 - 158 SWC
Swaged Match
Alloy Diamond coat or Molycote


.32-314 HBWC
Swaged Match , 98 grain made in Canada
Alloy, molycote lube or Alox coating


Prices adjusted accordingly

.451 - 230 FMJ - GL (Gold Leaf)
BDX Bullet, Made in Canada True, FMJ, not plated, Match grade
Full Metal Jacket, Gold Leaf on Nose
Now available
Discontinued, machine sold, working on a 200 grain JSP.
.45 Gold Leaf Match BDX Bullet
9mm 124 FMJ RN GOLD   (conical)
BDX Bullet, Made in Canada  True FMJ, not plated, True SAAMI Spec on this part) Match Grade
Full metal Jacket, Conical nose bullet
Made every day, in stock
Now Available.
Comprable US Manufacturer now sells this for $146.00/M in USD
So we service the Canadian Market with quality and fair pricing.
(3000 to bulk case)
9mm 124 FMJ Gold BDX Bullet
9mm , or 124 JSP,
NEW BDX BULLET Almost Ready, machine being tooled now.
Made in Canada
JSP, .355 dia. 
Spring 2014, started working on this again.

.38 super .356 dia
9mm 124 FMJ Trunc. nose bullet oversized for .38 super action shooting, custom bullet/production

Now available
boxes of 1000

.40 - 180 FMJ
BDX Bullet, Made in Canada, Match grade, (not plated bullet, True SAAMI Spec on this part)
in stock, made daily


Bulk case 2,500 parts
.40 180 FMJ Gold BDX Bullet
.300 AAC Blackout bullet
115 grain Solid, Milspec part
Drawing will be available shortly once i make it web ready.
Non-Tox Designed for US Navy special purpose bullet, custom made here,  Expected in March, 2014.

Gilding metal,  95/5 allloy solids, canalure bullet. .308 dia.

.38 Super Casings
BDX Re-draw-re-Manufactured part,  Turned twice, Drawn once, Bases Rolled, Extraction groove re-done, Premium product
Walter tested these 7 times and peformance was flawless, and at reduced price from New casings,  Yellow Brass only,

Dealers only
Like New product, available very soon.  Check with
Walter of WC Ammo Sales.
$100/1000  coming soon,

 email for special pricing quote for Distributors, Manufacturers.


WHEN Ordering, We will need PAL # for Ammunition,  Full Name, Address if for shipping, otherwise city only, Phone #'s, and Credit Card #'s, or EMT or Direct Deposit if RBC Customer.

If you are uncomfortable emailing info, you can fax it to our secured office fax 403-933-7705, or email the Credit Card in two emails with only 1/2 the number on each email.
Please state quantity, and packaging, and type of ammo.  The easier you make it for me to have all the info right of the bat, the easier it will be for me to fill the order.  By late summer, we should have an office Manager to assist with Customer Service, but we are moving towards wholesale only as we manufacture more in Canada.  We will not ignore our past customers who have been with us as they are how we got to start manufacturing, but continuing to demonstrate support, and need for us to expand services/products, etc.  Thank you for your support.

Canadian BDX Inc.  (Combat Masters Ammo Brand)
Box 187
Black Diamond, AB
T0L 0H0
403-933-0000  (can't always answer phone, sorry)
403-933-7705  Secured Office fax
            mail@canadianbdx.com                                        (preferred method of contact, and try back if I miss you, get swamped sometimes with questions)
Cut ant paste if the link doesn't work, oops?
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